Xbox 720 new generation revealed – do not miss out!

Xbox 720 new generation revealed - do not miss out!

Xbox 720 new generation revealed – do not miss out!


Only few days left until the official conference about the new Microsoft Xbox 720. What can we expect?

On May 21st at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond we will be presented with the successor to one of the most popular home consoles in the world – Xbox 360. Summarizing rumours, “media reports” and “information from a reliable source.”

Shortly after the February conference of Sony playstation in New York, it became clear that the next step belongs to Microsoft.

Creator of the Xbox 360 had no other choice but to present the new console to their global community of fans. The only question that appeared on this occasion was whether the giant from Redmond would decide to organize a special event even before the exhibition E3 or Xbox 720, or will we have to wait to start the expo in Los Angeles.

As it turned out, Microsoft chose the first option – thanks to a few we know what Americans prepared against the Japanese console.

Until then we can only guess, relying on reports from “an anonymous but reliable sources”, served to us by the West portals.

Even the name: for a long time we have used the term Xbox 720, although the official name of the new console code is Durango (in case of a PlayStation 4 was Orbisie, etc.).

Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity?

Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity?

Recently we have learned that there is a good chance that the new Xbox will hit stores under the name Xbox Infinity.

And what features will the largest competitor of PS 4 offer? 

Much of the controversy was in the headlines on the need for a permanent network connection of the new console even when none of your housemates will not benefit from it.

Conflicting reports have appeared on this topic and the latest rumor indicates that the need of a permanent network connection may be dropped.

Among the websites one of the speculations seems to be confirming some facts:

  • “all indications are that the new Xbox will have Blu-Ray drives”
  • It’s hard to imagine, moreover, that we had to get a DVD reader.
  • Xbox also offer brand new Infinity system with all achievements, and the ability to share saved gameplay videos on YouTube (xbox version Share button crash PlayStation 4).

It’s time for some  facts now: what do you say for DRM, no backwards compatibility?

Implemented an application whose task is to verify that the currently running game is original?

Does not mention even of hold used titles, and widely discussed on the Web for months.

Perhaps it would be easier for us to swallow all these limitations, if you actually think that new Xbox 720 will have a  built in version of  the new Kinect?

We know for sure that both upcoming next-genes will benefit from AMD’s processors, it is not known however, nothing certain about the technical specification (but below you can see an interesting statement that “leaked” from Microsoft’s headquarters, another leak was about the announcement for a job, Microsoft was looking for a programmer, whose competencies would include knowledge of the x 86 architecture. So there’s a good chance that the computing power of both rival consoles would be comparable.

The Xbox 720 technical specification?

The Xbox 720 technical specification?

“Extremely effectively looks while Xbox technology Illumiroom, presented for the first time during the expo in Las Vegas.”

“This is a project based on Kinect and external projector, in order to create a projector augmented reality (Augmented Reality), using surrounding objects”.

Microsoft ensures that IllumiRoom can change the appearance of our room, extend your field of vision and completely change our gaming experience!

PlayStation 4 should hit the shelves in shops around this year’s Christmas (at least in the us; in Europe, the new console can visit at the beginning of next year “), and Xbox?

Theoretically, the premiere is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, however, the “friendly” indicators reported that Microsoft has some serious technical problems with new console, and in addition is trying at the last minute to make some fixes, and all this under the influence of the announced features of Sony equipment.

Okay, how much will it cost Xbox 720?

Reportedly around $ 500! Some analysts go even further and advertise the premiere console for that price at the beginning of June!

For those who cannot afford to put the entire amount at one time, there are apparently the system $ 299 and table: subscription $ 10 a month for a specified period of time.

Xbox 720 also has a work based on the operating system Windows 8!

A lot of this, isn’t it?

For specific information about the Xbox 720/Infinity/Durango wait only a few days.I wonder how much of the above information proves to be true? What do you think?

Very soon the first Android Ouya console will enter the market. What kind of performance can we expect from it?

Let’s start by following the news from latest few months on from where we know that the  project collected more than eight and a half million dollars, which can be described as a resounding success.

People willingly gave their money to the equipment which was recently made, so they honestly believed, and probably still believe in its success.

Ouya console

Ouya console

“However, opinions of the first people who got into the hands of equipment are not too optimistic.”

Just last week we reported on a very favourable opinion on the console, and now the company has decided to test Futuremark Ouye its benchmark for comparing mobile devices. How is it?

“Ouya won 4077 points.”

That is roughly the same as the HTC One S (4035 points), which was launched in February last year. The result will be even more impressive when you compare it with the most powerful phones on the market. In tests Futuremark most efficient models currently earn from 10 to more than 11 000 points, twice more than Ouya!

“Of course, the new console will be much cheaper than power Smartphone’s, but in any case it is doubtful whether stationary platform game with a power of “old cells” makes sense.”

Ice Storm – cross-platform benchmark for mobile devices – Benchmark 3DMark is one of the most popular on the market, developed by Futuremark. The newest version of the test program, including Ice Storm will compare the performance of GPU and physics, which is, in turn, exploring the possibilities of the CPU. Thanks to new 3DMark we know that their PCs will include the Windows operating system and mobile devices supporting Windows RT and the environment, Android or iOS.

Do you really thing that project could go live?

IllumiRoom: is it going to be a gadget that turns your room into a completely new dimension?

It seems that the fashion for this type of merchandise returns, and Microsoft wants a precaution, as the first to offer gamers something more, in addition to the typical theme of the TV.

Xbox 720 Illumiroom, what is it?


Well, Microsoft along with Samsung came up with the “brilliant” idea, which according to their objectives, by displaying an image straight out of the TV on the wall, will allow its users to be even more immersed in the games world.

What does this mean? We can expect that it will include a variety of objects, gunshots, explosions, or even entire levels that will go beyond the “frame” of our television sets.

To be honest, I’ve heard other people say that they are not convinced that this type of invention would be able to offer something more than a solid headache after a few hours session of Call of Duty with such fireworks in the background. Not to mention the fact that if we do not have some empty space, but furniture.

Some people are saying it all looks rather poor but I think it may be one of the best features of the next generation gaming consoles.

Due to the fact that Microsoft has patents on the solution record last year, it is anticipated that the described technology can be part of a new Xbox. In one of the documents they described special glasses that would work with this system.

I am not sure what you think but from my point of view it looks like a fucking awesome feature 🙂

So, let’s hope it will be included in new xbox 720.

Microsoft unveiled Kinect 2.0!

For now, only on YouTube 😦

We are all waiting for the official presentation of the second generation of Kinect controller, which is rumoured to gain many new features.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s research department, jumped in front of a number of dropped video on YouTube showing the Kinect 2.0.

The video below shows that the Kinect hardware 2.0 will be a high-tech , sort of new generation device.

For example, new Microsoft Kinect will be able to recognize hand movements with the accuracy as precise as recognising the hand state. Meaning, “note” when the hand is open or clamped which of course translates into a deeper interaction with applications.

Holders of the new controller will be able to draw on the screen using your finger as a pen or a brush.

“And interestingly, the closing and opening of the hand will operate as a traditional mouse click in the Windows 8 OS.”

What could be the new Kin Microsoft unveiled Kinect 2.0. For now, only on YouTube!

We are all waiting for the official presentation of the second generation of Kinect controller, which is rumoured to gain many new features. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s research department, jumped in front of a number of dropped video on YouTube showing the Kinect 2.0.

What could be the new Microsoft Kinect?

The official channel on YouTube MicrosoftResearch video emerged in which the sympathetic employee of Microsoft explains what the new version of Kinect will be like. Until now one of the greatest concerns of the device was a poor precision.

Preventing for example, the recognition of hand as, the sensor saw them as a single point and could not respond to their movements. As you can see on the show, this problem has disappeared, and the Kinect will be able to distinguish hands from the rest of the body and respond to subtle gestures.


It seems that the motor controller Microsoft getting closer to the ideal, don’t you think?

Xbox 720 Introduce Install-Only Games?

Alleged documentation from Microsoft says the Xbox 720 console will feature install-only games and an always-on connection. 

Xbox 720 also codenamed Durango by developers according to the VGLeaks.  


Xbox 720 Introduce Install-Only Games?

Xbox 720 documentation, which, according to Microsoft, is “preliminary and subject to change,” the next-gen Xbox is said to feature always-on specs to allow for seamless downloading and playing. Also introduce the concept of “install-only games,” as opposed to letting users play prepurchased or pre-owned physical game discs.


There is a big chance that Microsoft and/or Sony will dump the physical game disc so, this will start a new era of gaming where we would not be able to but second hand games anymore! 


Meaning, you like it or not but when you want to buy a game you will always have to pay a full price of the game and that game can be only played via you Xbox account.

That said, the concept of install-only games reinforces another rumor found from the alleged Xbox 720 documentation, which said the console will be “always on, always connected.”

Another rumor describes The “always-on” approach which means if games can be downloaded from the cloud, having the Xbox 720 be “always on” would allow gamers to download games while they’re out or away from the console, instead of spending those quality minutes watching a download bar load to 100 percent.  

So, what do you think about the Xbox 720? Would you buy the console if it were “always-on” and games were install-only?

The successor to the Xbox 360 will debut in June? Israeli business services closely guarded secret revealed!

All indications are that we might have found quite by accident the planned release date Xbox 720! Israeli journalists owe everything Calcalist service …

Calcalist is a very popular business service in Israel, which also takes care of new technologies. From time to time on the home page there are reports of mergers, acquisitions or other transactions of interest in the video game industry. They usually do not arouse much interest in the players, but some recently published news entertainment electrified fans around the world.

Assaf Gilad, editor for Calcalist reported that Microsoft bought Pando – Fendo’s application, which is used to distribute files over the network; or to put it bluntly, this is a program that distributes torrents. Importantly, Pando was created for the gaming industry giants – with applications that can download games, videos and software applications from servers in the cloud. According to Calcalista, Microsoft released the Pando for approximately $ 11 million. The application is currently used by about 30 million users.

Xbox 720 – leak console specification


Xbox 720 Technical Specification

The real winner, however, concerned the release of the Xbox 720. Gilad (Calcalist editor) wrote that the consoles debut of the latest from Redmond is scheduled for June of this year! It does not seem that serious,  so it is very likely that the new Xbox will hit stores shortly after Microsoft’s conference at E3 in Los Angeles.

If these reports are confirmed, Sony, which plans to start selling their PlayStation 4 in the vicinity of Stars this year, will be in a very difficult situation. Because don’t forget that on April 26th Microsoft will host a conference, during which they will probably present the new Xbox.

So, guys what do you think about the spec?

Xbox 720 – How is it going to look?

Indeed, this is a good question hmmm.

So far we have seen many prototypes across the internet but nothing has been confirmed yet so, let’s have a look at these them.

Just before we start, do you still remember this one?

First Xbox

First Xbox 🙂

Concept number 1

xbox 720 concept number 1

xbox 720 concept number 1

Concept number 2

Xbox 720 concept number 2

Xbox 720 concept number 2

Concept number 3

Xbox 720 concept number 3

Xbox 720 concept number 3

Concept number 4

Xbox 720 concept number 4

Xbox 720 concept number 4

Concept number 5

Xbox 720 concept number 5

Xbox 720 concept number 5

If you have come across any other concepts please let me know! Just comment below!

Xbox 720 without a Bluray drive? Another leak from the world of gaming

The official presentation of the Xbox 720 will take place in April, but if you believe the rumors, according to the latest leaks, including technical specifications, which reportedly provided a source associated with Microsoft.

xbox 720

Xbox 720

Perhaps you have already had enough of speculation about the Xbox 720, but there’s nothing we can do, almost every few day you can find new information which I will be posting on my blog until new Xbox 720 will be revealed.

Recent concerns, further information on the console, and if you believe the reports in the Western media are from the same source close to Microsoft. I note that they are not confirmed, but it must be true.

In any case, reports suggest that this year’s E3 will stand under the sign of the Xbox, and Microsoft stands will be organized. It is also said that the most likely date of the launch of the new platform will be around April this year.

When it comes to the technical specification, the Xbox 720 has given 8-core AMD processor x64 clocked at 1.6 GHz, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and a graphics unit with 800 MHz clock supports Direct3D library 11.x.

The sale will be two variants of the console with a disc Arcade and Pro 320 GB 500 GB disk. For sale is a 1 TB model  which you can buy. The console is not equipped with a Blu-ray drive, BUT its performance will be three times better than the current model. I do not know anything about the next generation of Kinect, but it definitely will continue to support the console Xbox Smartglass function.

This is what all the reports are saying about it, but the media emphasize that the next rumour will appear as we approach the time of E3.

Heard anything about Xbox 720? Just post in the comments.